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Dr. John Himinkool: San Diego, CA Chiropractor, a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate, has been San Diego chiropractor since 1985. He leads a family run practice in San Diego, California specializing in quality patient care, pain relief, holistic chiropractic, wellness and preventative care. He also provides nutritional balancing program based on hair tissue mineral analysis, and custom orthotics. Visit us for a personal consultation today so we can work together towards a balanced, pain free, vibrant life.

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Your spine is the "back bone" of your health

Your spine is the "back bone" of your health. Its job is to support you and provide protection to your nervous system which starts in the brain and runs throughout your body. That's why a problem with your spine can have far reaching effects, for example - pain in your arm.

Chiropractic is a natural, holistic way of healing. There are no drugs to take or risky medical procedures. Chiropractic is remarkably safe and gentle.

Doctors of chiropractic complete the same undergraduate study that medical doctors receive, then move on for 4 more years of postgraduate education. They must pass a rigorous National Board Examination and meet strict licensing requirements. San Diego, CA Chiropractor: Dr. John Himinkool meets or exceeds all certification requirements, both statewide and nationally.



Chiropractic is a science, art, and philosophy of things natural; a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column by hand only for the correction of the physical representative of the cause of disease.

Innate Intelligence: The inborn intelligence that controls the functions of the body by means of the nervous system; the "Power Within"; Nature.

Health-Disease-Death: A natural amount of life force expressed through a natural amount of matter in proper time is health; less than a natural amount of life force going through a natural amount of matter in proper time is disease; the withdrawal of a natural amount of life force from a natural amount of matter is death.

Cause and Effect: For every effect there must be a cause. When a person is sick, the condition of disease, regardless of the nature applied to it, is an effect for which there must be a cause. That cause is within the body itself.

The Chiropractic Idea: Power or Energy from the brain transmitted over nerve tissue is responsible for health and ease; lack of this intelligently directed Power is responsible for disease and death.

The Chiropractic Objective: The chiropractor works with the Innate Intelligence that regulates and controls all functions in the human body. He finds where the power is shut off and fixes it. This lets the Power through, then the Power that made the body heals the body, naturally.

Overwhelming Environmental Stress: The accumulative effect of physical, chemical and emotional factors which overcome the body's natural resistance. The primary cause of disease.

Vertebral Subluxation: A spinal bone out of its normal position to such an extent that it causes nerve pressure or interference. The physical representative of the cause of disease in the body. The moment a subluxation exists, that moment dysfunction begins.

Spinal Cord Pressure: Interference to normal nerve impulse transmission resulting within the spinal column due to vertebral subluxation.

Spinal Nerve Irritation: Vertebral interference to normal nerve impulse transmission resulting in abnormal function of tissues and organs supplied by the involved nerve fibers.

Thin Disc: Compression of the cartilaginous paddings between the spinal vertebrae resulting in nerve interference.

Chiropractic Adjustment: A scientifically applied movement designed to remove obstructive nerve interference and/or spinal cord pressure caused by vertebral subluxations. Chiropractic adjustments correct the physical representative of the cause of the disease.

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Our patients come from all over San Diego County including Alpine, Bonita, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Clairemont Mesa, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Hillcrest, Kearny Mesa, La Jolla, La Mesa, Lakeside, Mira Mesa, Mission Valley, Mission Bay, Point Loma, Santee, Serra Mesa, Spring Valley, San Marcos, and Vista.



Our Specialties

We are experienced in addressing these issues, treating the root causes, not just the symptoms:

Neck pain

Back pain

Migraines, headaches, tension

Neck stiffness and muscle spasms

Shoulder pain

Bulging disc

Ankle and knee pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome/wrist pain



The Hidden Cause of Dis-ease

Structural distortion, spinal misalignment and spinal subluxations interfering with normal nerve transmission, the flow of Life Force, are the one most common cause of poor health. Only the chiropractor is trained and licensed to practice the art and science of locating and correcting the most often Hidden Cause of Dis-ease.

The cause of structural distortion or spinal misalignment is environmental stress: physical, chemical and emotional. When outside stress is greater than inside resistance, an imbalance in neuro-muscular tension results. Muscle moves bone resulting in spinal subluxation and as a consequence dis-ease results. The modern chiropractor locates the Blockage (subluxation) releases it and turns on the power, better health, longer life, and Greater Happiness is the result. Your body has an ability to heal itself as long as there is no interference.

Only Nature Heals

The chiropractor does not cure his patients, only Nature can do that. The power that makes the body heals the body. There is no disease that Nature cannot cure. The body does it faster and better without structural distortion and its resultant nerve interference. The chiropractor is a Cause mechanic who finds and removes obstructions to Nature's force in much the same way an auto mechanic repairs a car by adjusting a carburetor to allow the flow of gasoline to the firing chamber. The chiropractor recognizes abnormal conditions, locates their causes and removes them.


Life Assurance

You don't have to be run over or hit by a truck to get mechanically out of adjustment. Simply living against gravity is enough to create imbalance, and whenever a person is physically out of balance (out of adjustment) he is sick, whether he feels bad yet or not. Proper balance and adjustment are primary and must be maintained. Of course, when a person is out of adjustment he must be put back into adjustment. It does not matter what else is done or is not done this must be done the body must be adjusted back into normal mechanical shape, and it must be done first. Otherwise natural health cannot reasonably be expected. Chiropractic offers the most sensible and effective method of maintaining abundant good health. Adjustments are in fact a kind of health insurance and life insurance. It is possibly the only real health and Life insurance. Adjustments enable a person to live, and enjoy life to the fullest without pain, disease and physical suffering. Therefore, for your health assurance, once you are well, you should be adjusted once-a-week for life by the calendar, not by the problem.

"I attribute my good health to the fact that I have taken from one to two Chiropractic adjustments every week for the past 53 years just as a measure of good health. I feel that the Chiropractic adjustments I get keep the nerve center up and down my spine from being impinged. This keeps the full flow of Life Energy open to all parts of my body. I have had no serious ailments during this time. I use Chiropractic as a sort of heath insurance. Yes,Chiropractic is wonderful, and my good health during the past 53 years has proven it to me." Col. Harland Sanders.