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San Diego's Best Chiropractor

I highly recommend Dr. John Himinkool. He has treated my whole family for the last several years. My wife used to have chronic back pain and be on prescription medication for other ailments. Since going to Dr Himinkool, she has been free from back pain and is no longer on any prescription medication. I always look forward to going to Dr. Himinkool, it really feels great, and I leave my appointment feeling more energized. Dr. Himinkool treats the whole body, mind and spirit. It's a lot different than the traditional chiropractor that adjusts just your back. Dr John has treated both of my daughters from sport injuries; he has also treated my wife from Carpal Tunnel, avoiding costly and dangerous surgery. Dr. John believes that the body can heal itself and that surgery and prescription medication is not good or necessary. Go visit Dr. Himinkool for what ails you and you too will be pleasantly amazed.

A Doctor that actually cures you‎

Dr. Himinkool is a great doctor and a wonderful human being, always positive and with a great sense of humor. His wife Susan facilitates the healing bringing love and wisdom into this sanctuary in Kearny Mesa. If you are serious about living pain free, this is the place to go!

A lifetime of excellent care‎

I've been seeing Dr. Himinkool for 27 years - first in Iowa and then in CA. I now live across the country but see Dr. John and Susan every time I come to the west coast. Their natural approach to healing and genuine caring and concern they have towards my family and me is beyond what I've experienced at any doctor of any type. The care is gentle and effective. I've struggled over the years with sports injuries and back/shoulder pain from my job where I spend 10 hours a day at a computer. I've learned how to live a healthier lifestyle, manage my pain, and with the help of Dr. John and Susan, recover from it and build a stronger body and life. They've taught me that health starts from the inside out - every time I come in I learn something new!

The most wonderful healer

I was suffering with pain at the ball of my right foot and was told that the pad of my foot had worn out and to buy pads. When I thought there was no more hope and that surgery was my only option. Dr. John said no, your foot is going to heal! Right away my foot started to feel minty and cool. Everyday my foot feels better and better! Thank you so much for all the healings you have done for me and all my family for the past three years!

Amazing Healer!

Thank God for Dr. John! I had been treated by many Chiropractors across the country prior to visiting Dr. John Himinkool. I had never had the kind of results that I had after ONLY ONE VISIT with Dr. John! From the moment I walked into his office and was greeted with warmth and kindness my healing began. Dr. John's method of chiropractic treatment is unique and powerful! Additionally, Dr. John is an experienced hypnotherapist and energy healer. His proven methods and well rounded offerings create a positive environment to support optimum health. Dr. John's wife Susan is also a caring and compassionate professional. It has been my Joy to send my family and friends to be treated by this amazing team!

Simply the best

Dr. Himinkool is truly one of the most amazing people I know. His care and effectiveness put him in a league of his own, and you should not hesitate to visit him!

He put a stop to my headaches

Dr John and Susan are very loving people and they care deeply about their patients well being. I was having headaches everyday for a couple of weeks, After just one appointment with Dr. John I saw improvement in the severity of the pain. After my third appointment I didn't have any more pain at all!!! His cranial lift technique is much more natural and effective at helping the body heal itself after treatment.

Very gentle, yet amazingly effective

Going to a chiropractor has always been a struggle for me. I liked the results, but I didn't like the process. Then I discovered Dr. John! His method is very gentle, yet amazingly effective. I have recommended him to everyone I know! Plus there's the bonus of having Susan's massage with her healing hands and kind heart. Give them a try and you will search no further!

Incredible Healing

I was taking pain medication everyday before I met Dr. John. I could not believe the level of healing I had experienced after the first treatment. My energy level improved greatly the pain was completely gone. I began to sleep much less, but woke up incredibly rested. I feel that I not only received healing for my body, but my soul, and mind as well. I have brought many of my family members to be treated by Dr. John with wonderful results. You will be very pleased with Dr. John & his wife Susan they are wonderful people who really care about health and wellness.

A great experience

As a former athlete my body was in constant pain. Playing competitive sports in college took its toll on my body. Dr. John and Susan have been amazing. I agree entirely with the previous review and couldn't have said it any better myself - "Dr. Himinkool is more than just a chiropractor, he is a healer."

Great healing, lasting results

My family has a history of back pain, and doing extreme sports hasn't helped. My bad back basically impacted my whole life. I tried various treatments over time, and none really worked well. But, having met Dr. Himinkool through a recommandation, my life changed! I can go surfing again without any issues, feel better overall, and I can even sleep well again. His treatment has both great healing effects, as well as long-lasting results. As if that wasn't enough, he's a fantastic person who truly deeply cares about you, I wish more people like him existed! My deepest gratitude goes out to him and his wife!

More than Just a Chiropractor

Dr. Himinkool is more than just a chiropractor, he is a healer. He has compassion and cares about his patients well being. I have been to other chiropractors when I was not in San Diego and was very disappointed with their techniques and continuous office visits that were doing nothing. I have been going to Dr. Himinkool for over twenty years and have always had results. His adjustments are very smooth and allow your body to move naturally and smoothly. I have brought several people to his office who were afraid of chiropractors but after watching his technique they were calm and willing. I would suggest him to anyone looking for a chiropractic care that they can trust with their body. If you want a massage, his wife Susan has an amazing touch and is an added bonus to the office. They both care about your well being and are amazing people.

Highlight of my trip!

I was visiting SD last week and my friend recommended Dr Himinkool. I stopped by his office for a adjustment and to deal with some back issues I was having. Dr Himinkool was super nice and professional. The treatment was quick and the results immediate. I would recommend him to anyone!

Excellent, top quality care

I've been a patient of Dr. Himinkool's for over 20 yrs. The quality of care I've received is unsurpassed. I've seen Dr. John over the years after car accidents, for sports injuries, and just for maintenance check-ups. I've seen other doctors around the country when I didn't live in San Diego and none come close. His office is warm, friendly, and genuinely caring. He combines a range of techniques including natural and holistic means that help you focus on health instead of pain. Highly recommended!!

Care for the Whole Body

I became a patient of Dr. John's in 2000 and a client soon after. Dr John very quickly transitioned me with his exceptional treatment and care for the body on all levels. He knows how important complete body healing is and he does the whole job. I wouldn't miss my monthly tune up for anything.

It doesn't get any better!

Dr. John and his wife Susan are amazing healers and inspirational people. I've been with ACC for over 10 years! They are so caring and warm; I always look forward to my monthly visits. Dr. John's technique is gentle and extremely effective. Before finding the Himinkools, I had been to several chiropractors, the kind that twists and turns and forces the body to adjust. The cranial-sacral lift is much more natural and effective, and I don't have a need to go anywhere else.